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Baptism and Communion

May 19

Young Navigators Awards Night

May 22

Youth Video/Board Game Night

May 24

Youth Volleyball

June 5

Ladies Missionary Sewing Circle

June 6

Youth Basketball

June 12

Youth Scavenger Hunt

June 14

GloryBound HBBC Singing Group

June 16

Church Anniversary

June 16-19

Jr Camp

June 24-28

5th Sunday Fellowship

June 30

Harvest Freedom Celebration

July 4

Teen Camp

July 8-14

Gospel Truth Booth at the Jackson County Fair

July 10-14

Master’s Men Campout

July 18-20

Youth Ministry Trip

July 22-27

West Coast Baptist College Singing Group

July 28

Navajo Nation Mission Trip

July 30-August 6

Summer Bible Time

August 18-22

Youth Escape Room Challenge

August 16

Dr. Shoemaker

August 25

Ladies Delight

September 19-21

5th Sunday Fellowship

September 29

Two-Minute Warning Men’s Meeting

November 1-2

5th Sunday Fellowship

December 29

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